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ICN is a business network that helps Australian and New Zealand companies grow. We do this through our powerful online database and our network of consultants, giving companies access to:

■ projects large and small
■partnership opportunities and supply chain development
■ channels to promote company capabilities to our business network.

ICN is an independent organisation, financially supported by Australian, state and territory governments. Since it started more than 30 years ago, ICN has been helping find the suppliers and service providers who are best equipped to meet the requirements of thousands of projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Every day ICN works with local suppliers and project managers to help save valuable time and money in the procurement process. We also help to secure billions of dollars in contracts and jobs that may otherwise have gone overseas.

If you're a major project developer, we will put you in contact with the best suppliers. If you're a supplier, we'll connect you with the best projects planned or already underway across Australia and New Zealand - and around the world.

Joining ICN Gateway is free and the fastest way to find your next big project or the best suppliers.

Ian Hudson